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  The Secret of Making An Exciting
Internet Marketing Income Is This...

Find A Market With Good Demand And Good Profit Potential. In Other Words, A Market With Products That Sell Well And Pay Well. Keep Reading To Find Out How...

"To Make Money Online, Find Profitable Niche Markets And Do Niche Affiliate Marketing...

Or You Can Attack A Big Market"

You can choose a big market or a small submarket (often called a niche, thus "niche marketing") because there is profit in BOTH big markets and tiny niches.

But the big question is...

How do you find these hot products and profitable internet business ideas?

And that is exactly what FindHotMarkets is all about.

Keep Reading To Discover Why Both Marketing Professionals And Beginners Are Raving About FindHotMarkets!

MrOverDeliver was "really blown away"

Mike knows how to make money onlineI was really blown away by the amount of resources you have managed to put together in one place. And even MORE pleasantly surprised by your price! has now become my "go to" site for all of my niche research needs. The resources you have uncovered would have taken me years to find. All I can say is, Nice Job!

- Michael Ambrosio

Find Profitable Niche Markets Inside FindHotMarkets, you will learn how to easily find profitable product ideas and niche ideas that you've never even thought of

AND I'll show you how to find a niche market (actually LOTS of them) with plenty of demand but not too much competition

AND THEN I'll show you a surefire way to KNOW if this market is profitable or not - before you enter it

PLUS you will see how easy it is to find affiliate products that match your market. (Know-how like this is VITAL to earn a decent affiliate marketing income.) And more - see the screenshots below.

AND IT'S ALL PRESENTED IN a no fluff, no filler 5 step tutorial.



Are you looking for a home based business idea?

Do you want to find a good niche to start internet business in?



Look, it's awful when you've poured your heart and soul and a massive chunk of your life into an online project, only to launch your new website and wait ...and wait ...and then finally coming to the troubling conclusion that it's a dead loss. "Another failed marketing experiment".


The first mistake was this -- trying to start an internet business in the wrong market.

  • You didn't find a niche market with sufficient demand.
  • Or you couldn't find a way to connect with your prospects.
  • Or else the competition was too strong.
  • Or perhaps there wasn't a decent amount of money in that market. It wasn't a marketplace of spenders.

Whatever it was, we know one thing for sure -- that market was no good for making money. If you had seen Find Hot Markets first, you would not have picked that niche in the first place. Let me show you how to find a good niche... one you can make money in.



'Niche Attack'

  • What is a "good niche" anyway?
  • Don't waste your time on any market that doesn't meet these key criteria
  • Options for finding hot products & profitable markets
  • Market research MADE EASY.
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Gary Harvey, Find Hot owner
Gary Harvey, the creator of FindHotMarkets, has been earning a full time income over the internet since 2003

My story

Hi. It's Gary Harvey here.

Like you, I had read the advice to find a niche market and dominate it more times than I could count.

But I didn't do me any good because I didn't know HOW to do it... how to find a GOOD niche.

So I went on a great big research binge to discover once and for all...

How To Find Hot Niches,
Profitable Markets
and Best-Selling Products?

What I wanted was LOTS of methods... Lots of DIFFERENT methods to find the money spots on the internet.

And I found them. Oodles of them.

So I was able to put together...

The internet's BIGGEST LIST of strategies
and resources to find hot markets, profitable niches and top selling products,
both in the USA/Canada and worldwide.

Yes, most of these internet marketing research strategies work in the international markets too. (I'm an Aussie so I care about what happens outside the U.S. of A. as much as what happens within the land of the free and the home of the brave.)

I wanted to identify methods that will work for YOU and people like you, coming from where you are right now -- whether you are a beginner, or a frustrated long term battler who knows "there is money in the niches" but hasn't been able to turn on the money gusher just yet, or an experienced online professional who wants to expand.

Professionals? Oh yes. Some of the most important endorsements for this site have come from full time internet marketing professionals -- names you probably know. Keep reading and I will share them with you...


The result of my research?

I discovered more than 37 ways 58 ways (because the passion continues) that practically anyone can use to find profit-generating markets.

Including surprisingly simple methods to locate hot products and profitable market niches full of hungry, credit card carrying buyers. This really is... internet marketing research MADE EASY.

So I decided to set this site up to share what I found. That was late 2006.



The Internet's BIGGEST LIST of ways to find internet business ideas using internet marketing research shortcuts. Ideal for affiliate internet marketing and to start internet business.



Here is what some well-known internet marketers have said about FindHotMarkets.

And they were only talking about version 1, published in 2006.

You now have access to version 2 which has been significantly EXPANDED and updated with new content several times since then.


"Fantastic research... I strongly recommend"

If you want to generate more than mediocre revenue, you'll want to identify hot markets.

You want to find products that people are going crazy over. Or you want to find profitable untapped niches where you'll have little competition.

I've done serious market research and I've produced a long list of ways to generate ideas for a website or product, but my list is nothing like as comprehensive as the site I examined this week.

Affiliate internet marketing expertGary Harvey has done some fantastic research in this field. He's found more than 37 ways to identify hot markets and top selling products - the biggest source of market strategies and resources on the Internet.

If you're having trouble finding a hot market, I strongly recommend you check out Gary's site.

- Allan Gardyne


"I thought I was a good researcher, but..."

I thought I was a good researcher, but I'm amazed at the extent Gary has gone to in order to provide you with the tools you need to find hot markets and make money in them.

Each section has a goldmine of resources, many of which I've never heard of before... so the hard work is done for you, leaving you with the simple process of taking action and turning a profit.

- Heather Vale

So what will you learn here at FindHotMarkets?

Let me show you...


In Part 1, we go over the basic niche selection principles, in other words... how to find a niche market.

Ignore these and your success is a matter of BLIND CHANCE.

For good measure, I also throw in a page of contrary views from folks who are making money online by doing things a bit differently.

Learn Niche Affiliate Marketing


In Part 2, you will find detailed instructions about the methods you need to use to identify keywords with GOOD SEARCH VOLUME and LOW COMPETITION. In other words... how to find a good niche.


And that's only in "the introduction". Next we get to the real meat of the site...


In Part 3, we get into the detailed information that gets even experienced internet marketers and niche-finders EXCITED.

Armed with links and know-how like this, you have... unlimited possibilities.

Part 3 contains a whopping 58 chapters. Some chapters are only one screen long, others have as many as 17 screens.

Part 3 is designed to do one thing... to show you oodles of different techniques to locate profitable market niches and the keyphrases that identify them.

You won't learn about ONE niche discovery tool because there are dozens of them out there on the internet, free and waiting for you to start using them.

Most chapters contain multiple resources so you're actually getting WAY MORE THAN 58 different ways to find hot niches and profitable markets.

Am I going to show you the Part 3 menu like I showed you the menus for part one and part two? No way because the chapter titles tell the story in most cases. That's because I've designed the site for the easiest possible navigation.

But here is what I can promise you...


FindHotMarkets in a nutshell:

" I will not only show you step-by-step how to identify market niches with substantial demand and low levels of competition...

I will also show you how to make money from these hot niches. That's my pledge to you."

Gary Harvey



You want to know more?

Okay, here are some SPECIFICS of what's included inside the Find Hot Markets private site...

* Profitable niches in less than 10 minutes.

* Sophisticated keyword & key phrase research software with huge depth built in -- more than 40,000 subjects and over 7 million niche key phrases. Currently your access is FREE -- not sure how long that will last.

* Get details of ONE NEW PROFIT CENTER emailed to you every day. You'll get solid data (including keywords, search volume and CPC) about a product or service that could make you money. Find one you like and go for it.

* How to quickly find out what the internet's BEST SELLERS are... so you can sell what people are buying right now, whether it's electrical goods, books, software, clothing, jewellery, videos, cars, box office, etc.

I won't even try to list all the categories because we are
literally talking about MILLIONS OF PRODUCTS here.

* How To Turn Flipping Websites Into A $40,000 A Month Business. The voice of experience explains in this PDF how he picks the winning niches that he then creates high-value content sites for. Download this for free.

* How to find the problems that are really frustrating people. If you can solve any of them, you could create a profitable information product that provides the solution.

* Where to find CROWDS of passionate fans for a huge number of niches.

* Techniques to find hot products and hot markets that you probably NEVER KNEW ABOUT.

* FAST way to find out what's got the greatest ClickBank momentum or payout or gravity (an indicator of product hotness).

NOTE: Most of the resources here are free. Some aren't. Some of what we have for you will apply to your market. Some won't.



But that's not all. Not by a long shot...

* Meet the Aussie husband and wife team who generated a quarter of a million in their first year online and learn the details of their system for FREE.

* In one exciting chapter (don't read this one just before bedtime), you will learn 3 ways to find the exact business model of PROVEN 5-figure and 6-figure businesses -- their niches, their earnings, their traffic, their keywords, & more.

If I showed you hundreds of successful online businesses,
could you model on one of them?

Talk about finding hot markets the easy way.

* You will also discover a totally free method to make decent money online. No smoke and mirrors here -- this works, folks. It's a zero-cost Internet money making system that is bringing its promoter over $3000 of income every month on an advertising budget of ZERO DOLLARS. Full instructions are currently provided at no cost.

* I also show you the profit goldmine that lets you say... 'Show me keywords that will pay me from $10 to $50'. That's right -- you don't need to enter a keyword -- just the price range.

* How to use Squidoo to identify more best sellers.




Plus a great deal more,
including these niche-finding videos...

* How to find hot niches in 5 minutes or less:

  • How to use Amazon to identify today's (not last month's) hot markets.
  • Mining profitable in-demand niches at eBay. There are 4 downloadable videos here covering the massive niche treasure house that is eBay.
  • 3 videos that show 4 different Google niche research tools and how to use them for the quick and EASY discovery of profitable niches.
  • A little-known way to find top selling products and markets at Paypal.

* How to find out exactly which products and topics are 'hot' right now. (10 minutes video)

* Simple technique to let other people identify profitable market niches and internet business ideas for you. These are niches you would never think of on your own and they have significant traffic + impressive cost-per-click figures (read: "profit potential" if you create a site). No special skills required. And no software to buy. Just see how it's done - and do it.



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IMPORTANT: FindHotMarkets is NOT a single report that you download. It is an online resource that you log into. This enables me to grow it and improve it as new niche research methods come to my attention. Inside the secure Customers area, you will find links to download the promised bonuses.

Your order will be processed on a secure server so you can have complete confidence in the security of the transaction. Your financial details are not disclosed during your purchase.

Your purchase decision is protected by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If Find Hot Markets does not live up to what you've read on this page, simply let me know within 30 days in what way it's failed to fulfill any of those promises (so I can improve the site) and you will get back every cent you paid me.

Customers get immediate access to the private area of the site, plus an invitation to join our Affiliate Program.

Gary Harvey
Full Time Internet Marketer / Marketing Researcher,
B.Internet Science & Technology (UOW, 2003)




Imagine Earning This Kind Of Money!

Great source for affiliate marketing income

Here's a good sized list of offers paying $100 or more per lead (not per sale) -->


And remember, this is just 1 of over 58 ways that you will be able to use to find hot markets


Plus when I took this screenshot there were 238 more products each paying from $50 to $100 per lead (Great for affiliate internet marketing)



Join Now While The Low Price Is Still Available


You bet. But I should mention that these may change from time to time. Market testing and all that. So I'd suggest you act now as they may or may not be available later.

Simple Product, Big Profits

Alternative to affiliate internet marketing income"How to take any small idea and turn it into a successful product. In this MP3 interview, you will learn...

  • How I turned the simplest of simple ideas into a 23,000+ member site that is still growing by 30 members daily on complete autopilot after being released over 15 months ago!
  • Why you don't have to create some crazy complex product to succeed as an online marketer
  • The best place to find an unlimited treasure trove of ideas that can be turned into simple products for big profits."

Trend Cockpit

Instantly uncover the hottest trends and niches. Whenever you start a search, this Windows-based application crawls over 30 top niche research and trend setting websites to tell you what you need to know.

Retail price at is $47 but when you join FindHotMarkets it's included at no cost by special permission (thanks Ron).

TrendCockpit identifies what prospects want in any niche, isolates the highest converting long tail keywords and more. A great time saver.

Split Test Profits Automation System

With this split testing system, you can...

  • Split test between 5 different sales pages
  • See conversion ratios of your sales pages
  • Automatically see which sales page is producing the most sales for you
  • View past months' statistics
  • Create multiple split testing accounts to test more than one sales page/product at a time
  • It doubles as a stat tracker to tell you where your traffic is coming from.
  • And much more.

    Private Label Rights are included.

Micro Niche Membership Sites

A simple guide showing how to set them up for any niche you find.

Super Money Emails (Upgraded Version)

Do you find writing email autoresponder messages difficult? Here are 100 ready made email messages covering different areas of internet business. Your complete 'Fill in the blank' autoresponder followup message system in a box, guaranteed to squeeze out the maximum profits with minimum effort from every single customer on autopilot.

File size: 22.3MB.

Master Resale Rights included.

Get To The Money Faster

Practical advice to speed up your journey to success in niche marketing.

The Ultimate Income Plan

"One of the hardest things to get to grips with when you start out on your Internet marketing career is that money is quite easy to come by if you put your mind to it."

That's the opening statement. She goes on to describe in detail how she contacts eBay Power Sellers to make a grand income from rather little work.

This sells for $19 at but it's included free here.

Resale Rights included.

Free Traffic For Broke Marketers

"When I first got started in Internet Marketing I was so broke I had to find ways of driving quality traffic to my websites for free.

Years later I STILL use the very same techniques to provide some of my very best quality traffic, which results in sale after sale, every single month."

Master Resale Rights included.

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"All the best research ideas and sources"

Chris has profitable internet business ideasIf you need some ideas about how to find hot markets, Gary produces a truckload! Every source has been reviewed by him[...]. This gem brings all the best research ideas and sources together, categorized for easy navigation. Thanks for opening your treasure vault up to us, Gary!

- Chris Crompton


"A lot of resources I have never seen before"

I have had a look around the site, and have to say, there is a huge amount of information in there. Not everything on the site is about finding hot niches, as Gary covers other areas on affiliate marketing as well (with lots of great resources), but for anyone who has troubles identifying niches, this site will certainly help you.

A lot of the information on the site is freely available on the web, but its conveniently packaged into one site - a niche resource site, if you like. However, having said that it's freely available, there are a lot of resources I have never seen before (Gary has spent many hours researching and compiling). I will certainly get good value out of this site.

- Dr Andy Williams
Andy teaches about internet affiliate marketing


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"Anyone will be able to find hot niches"


Geoff can find profitable nichesYou have created an excellent site with a comprehensive collection of links and information that will ensure anyone will be able to find hot niches.

Where there's a demand there is money waiting and there is certainly every opportunity to find where that demand is from the resources in your site. Having these in one location certainly makes the job a lot easier.

- Geoff Shaw

If You Have Been Asking
How Can I Make Money Online?
Click Here And I Will Show You



"Your ability to identify hot markets will determine to a great extent the amount of online income you earn"

Click Here To Find Hot Markets So You Can Build Yourself A Real Internet Business In A Profitable Market Niche


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